Why Former Journalists Go To Law Firms

by Cheryl on July 19, 2012

I got news today via Linkedin from , a radio news industry veteran that his radio stations in Chicago and New York have turned their new formats back to music.   That announcement was made by Merlin Media yesterday. This is just one more example the shrinking media pool in the U.S.  This creates more challenges for PR professionals who seek traditional news venues to place their attorneys as sources and communicate firm news.   And, it proves that law firms will have to rely on their Web and social media sites as a way to distribute news and to develop their attorneys as newsmakers.

Yesterday, we blogged about new platforms to showcase law firm content.  The development and demand for these sites will increase as the traditional media outlets disappear.  But,  despite these new avenues to share news, one thing remains the same.  Good content will never go out of business.   This means smart, savvy PR professionals will continue to play a critical role in developing this content.  And, that is why out of work journalists who are looking for their next gig, are landing at law firms.

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