To Connect or Not To Connect. That is THE Question.

by Cheryl on February 9, 2012

When talking to lawyers about Linkedin, I can guarantee one of the first questions they ask is whether to accept Linkedin invitations.    Many will say they don’t respond because they are not sure whether they should.  The other objection is that they may not know the person sending the invite.

The advice I always give is to accept invitations if you know the person or know people in his or her network.  Also, take into consideration whether you have something in common, such as an industry trade group or a alumni network.   To connect with someone who you don’t know or would never associate with, or an invitation that seems like spam is not advisable.  Linkedin gives you the option to not accept an invitation.  Like any network, people may judge you by the ‘company your keep,’ therefore don’t connect with people who may reflect poorly on you.   Your network on Linkedin is searchable, therefore, associate yourself with people who are good for your business and professional brand. Remember, Linkedin is a professional network. It’s not Facebook or Twitter.   Don’t ignore the great invitations from potential great contacts or sources of business.   And don’t be afraid to reach out to people who you want to meet either.   Social networking offers an invitation to connect with people.   Be social.

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