The Follow Up

by Cheryl on November 9, 2011

Today’s Council of Public Relations Firms reminds me that we need to embrace a culture of success and failure. Crisis PR Experts advise anyone who faces a potential crisis, that avoiding the truth could harm their reputation, loosing the public’s trust or customers in the end.  I think admitting mistakes makes a person or organization appear more human.

While my situation isn’t as dramatic as Domino’s Pizza or tragic as Penn State , I thought it offer a good reminders about the basics of PR.

PR professionals know that the follow up is as important as the pitch.    I learned a lesson recently from an unsuspecting editor at a national real estate trade.

She confirmed in August that my client’s article would be published in the October issue. After I searched the magazine and website last month, I found that it had not been published.  When I inquired about the article, I got a simple and upsetting response. “Can you send it to me again?”   I took it for granted that I have worked with this editor and she had my article and the bios of the author.   I should have followed up again before the issue was going to print to confirm that everything was fine. But, I didn’t.

Editors and reporters are busy and they get hundreds of emails. It doesn’t take a lot of time to send an email or call to confirm that the editor has the article, bios and photos if they are requested.   Also, it is important to get a confirmation from the editor via email or put the verbal confirmation in writing.  You may need it to show the attorney proof that you communicated with the editor.  PR professional aren’t perfect.  Nither are editors.

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