The 2012 Law Firm Super Bowl Marketing Challenge

by Cheryl on February 7, 2011

The Holy Grail in all marketing initiatives is delivering ROI.   Well, we all know that measuring ROI is a myth.   No single act leads directly to generating or closing new business.    Sure, being at the right event, sending the right client alert, putting on the right program could all generate leads, but it’s the one on one connection between a prospect or client and the attorneys at the firm that actually turns into business.    So, every marketing and PR initiative is all about creating opportunities and generating buzz for your firm.

What would be bigger than buying a Super Bowl ad?

Reports say this year’s game was the most watched ever . Fox Sports released preliminary Super Bowl ratings that indicate Sunday’s game matched the event’s highest overnight rating ever.  That equates to over 103 million people.

The world’s media covers it.  Yet, no law firms are participating in it.  Few would take the risk and almost no other firm would follow.  But if you did, that’s how you can stick really out from the crowd.

Plus, the PR generated from the The buzz generated in traditional and social media from an ad before, during and after the big game would literally pay for itself, almost as much as if you would pay for the equivalent amount for other brand awareness endeavors on the open market.

It’s obvious that this type of line item in your budget would be daunting and a tough sell to law firm management, but for a firm making hundreds of millions of dollars in profits, investing in this type of ad would be a drop in the bucket.

So the question is why isn’t there a law firm advertising during the Super Bowl?


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Jonathan Fitzgarrald February 8, 2011 at 12:33 am

There isn’t a legal CMO out there that is willing to put their reputation on the line to even suggest it.

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