Thank Your Referral Source

by Cheryl on July 25, 2012

The kindest form of compliment I can give to a professional firm is a referral. Any time I refer someone it is a reflection of me, and I expect the referral to meet my standards. So, it is always with a sense of pride when I learn someone I referred gets hired – which just happened. I am not surprised by this news because the referral is highly qualified. I was thrilled to hear the firm is very happy with her services and considers her to be an ‘asset’ to the marketing team.   What does surprise me is she never thanked me for the referral.  Not only did I connect her to a well-respected firm, she secured a sizable retainer.   While I am not expecting a gift, I was expecting a hand written thank you note or at least a phone call.

A formal thank you is critical in today’s business environment.   And the thank you email she sent to me when I made the initial introduction doesn’t cut it.   I am talking about a follow up note that tells me she 1) got the work and 2) appreciates that I made the connection.  This demonstrates to me that she understands the value of a business connection and referral.

I am not old fashioned. This is just how business should be conducted even in today’s technology-infused business environment.

I am sure your referral list is short and you trust the people on it to make you look good and provide high quality services to anyone or any firm who hires them.

In this case, she is no longer on my list.

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