So What? What if? This is What.

by Cheryl on March 19, 2012

So What? What if? Those were the questions posed by the Legal Marketing Association’s president Alycia Sutor during her opening remarks at last week’s Legal Marketing Association’s annual conference in Grapevine, Texas.   Alycia challenged the crowd to think differently about their role in our industry:   Can legal marketers have a higher purpose?   “We know that what we do is not brain surgery,” Alycia reminds us. Can we be a positive influence in an industry that is known for its sharks and bottom feeders?

While I could have blogged about the presentation, I decided to sit on the topic for a few days and come back with a response to Alycia and the industry.

Dear Legal Marketing Industry,

I love what I do.   I feel lucky to wake up everyday and provide, a valuable service to lawyers who have no background in my area of expertise: public relations and working with the media.

I am clear that the service I provide is not “brain surgery” and not critical to overall health of an organization.   The pulse of my client firms would continue to beat without me.   But beyond the PR advice that I offer, I am a trusted advisor to my clients.   They rely on me for my industry knowledge, connections to valuable resources and to serve as a sounding board on critical issues that impact their business.

So what?  I am committed to bringing a positive attitude and successful ideas to my clients. What I do improves an attorney’s connection to a client, an industry and the community in which the firm does business.    I am making a difference, even if it is small and may seem insignificant to others.

What if?  What if I can put a smile on an attorney’s face?  What if I provide an idea that changes the way the attorney interacts with a client? What if I make a connection to a reporter who quotes the attorney, which in return generates a new client?  What if when she learns how to promote herself through LinkedIn she reconnects to a forgotten college friend? What if I can help an attorneys grow their book of business so they donate more money to a charity?  What if I introduce an attorney to a charity which now has the legal help it always needed?

If on the face of it the positive impact is hard to identify, the advice I give as a PR professional does have the very benefits of giving back and being a positive influence in an industry that I have grown to love and appreciate.

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Nancy Myrland March 20, 2012 at 5:43 pm

Cheryl, great to see you last week!

Thanks for writing this post. It’s a challenge that all of us need to take. It becomes way too easy to get energized when we attend these conference, then to watch that energy dwindle the day after we get home, then more-so the next day, and in a big way the day we back to the office and are bombarded with other challenges. Having this as a reminder is exactly what we need to stay on top of the possibility of what-ifs.

I am going to Pin your post now, and I will list it on the blog summary I am putting together on my blog this week! :-)

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