Personal Branding is Public Relations

by Cheryl on April 6, 2011

I’m thrilled that my good friend Jonathan Fitzgarrald , director of marketing at the Los Angeles law firm Greenberg Glusker has finally branded BadfortheBrand by building a blog and launching it at this year’s e.  As a master of personal branding, created business cards and sent an annoucement to 10,000 friends, family and contacts with the goal of driving traffic to the blog and building buzz around the topic.

At every opportunity, I call Jonathan to talk about how an individual’s personal brand is connected to public relations.  The media often reminds us how many buisnesss leaders and celebrities get it wrong .   How often do you talk about a client or friend and refer them based on their behavior or your personal interactions?  That may stem from how you perceive their personal brand.

In my previous post ,  I talk about Disney’s understanding of how its internal and external reputation impacts its bottom line, whether you as a customer would return to a theme park or recommend a friend go too.

So the challenge for Jonathan and others the management school of personal branding is to offer tools and tips that will guide and direct us to develop into the best versions of ourselves.

Just as a law firm tries to create buzz around its lawyers, an individual has to take responsibility for his or her own personal public relations program. To create a personal brand that generates a positive impression to his or her target audiences; whether clients, contacts, friends, family or the media.  What do you want them all saying about you?

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