Legal Administrator’s Playbook for Marketing

by Cheryl on February 13, 2013

Legal Administrators are often tasked with wearing more than one hat, and  marketing is often one of them. A responsibility that they frequently have little or no training and some times struggle with managing it all.   That was the purpose of yesterday’s Greater Los Angeles Chapter of Association of Legal Administrators panel, which included , CMO o f Sheppard Mullin , CMO of Haight Brown & Bonesteel , and myself, moderated by , CMO of Greenberg Glusker .

While we shared a roadmap covering some of the most pressing issues in legal marketing, we started with the basics; clarifying the role of marketing and how it impacts every administrative function within a firm including lateral recruiting.

Tiffany gave the smart tip that all marketing should start with one objective.

We also explored the budget process by giving an overview of typical sizes of marketing budgets as well as how to hold an attorney accountable for their goals and spend.  Every firm, and every lawyer can have different goals; Vicki said her attorneys are hungry for events and seminars.

On the topic of public relations we offered opinions on the benefits of having an in-house resource and how to maximize the use of an outside PR consultant. That again is determined by resources and budgets.  Of course, that conversation included how to measure the ROI of the consultant by setting expectations and having measurable goals.

Social media was a topic of great interest to the entire audience so we provided our insights on the best social media site to use, such as Linkedin, and how to address a firm’s interest in blogs.

Jonathan said his one highly practical piece of advice for an administrator: be the filter for marketing activities.

At the end, I suggested that the administrator can be a crtical resource for public relations, as they often are the eyes and ears of what is happening at the firm.

The importance of the role of an administrator stakes in marketing is essential for a firm to have a smart, cost-effective strategy that maximizes the internal and external resources of the firm. And, for us, deepening the relationship with them adds another in-house advocate and champion for furthering our efforts.

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