Just Be Yourself

by KevinLivingston on June 29, 2012

Just be yourself.

In the age of social media there is much discussion among lawyers and other professionals on how best to present themselves online. This was the subject of a recent discussion on Twitter among marketing professionals and most agreed that lawyers using sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are better off when they do not try to hide their personalities.

I agree with that consensus and believe the same holds true for PR. It also reminded me of a recent conversation I had with an attorney I had not seen in a while. Years ago she did her first newspaper interview – a profile – and just as she answered the reporter’s call she spilled coffee all over her desk. Her first words to the reporter were, “Oh sh**t!” Things calmed down and laughter soon ensued. The profile was glowing and the two actually became friends.

This attorney told me she recently did another interview and was determined to be as straight as she could be. In her words, the article was boring. “The other one was so much better,” she said.

So just be yourself. There is no need for expletives, but allowing your personality to shine through will not only lead to a better interview, but possibly a relationship moving forward.

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