How a Meeting with a Reporter Turned into a Book

by Cheryl on April 21, 2011

When I started working with Jonathan Handel , an entertainment attorney TroyGould in Los Angeles, I could not have imagined what would have transpired as a result of a 2007 introduction to a well known film industry reporter at Variety . Jonathan was someone who had a lot to say about new media and the law, so I encouraged him to create Digital Media Law .  The blog launched during the time when there was incredible media coverage of a possible labor union strike in Hollywood . His experience working in a Hollywood labor union created the perfect opportunity for him to become a leading expert on the subject, which led the media and the industry to take notice.  As a result, Jonathan has been quoted in over 700 media outlets all over the world on topics ranging from new media, entertainment law, labor unions and general business trends.

This exposure led to contributing author opporutnities with the Huffington Pos and Forbes .  He recently secured a freelance position with The Hollywood Reporter covering labor and unions as well other entertainment business news, while maintaining his .

Jonathan recently turned his blog posts into a self-published book called . The book chronicles and analyzes the 2007–2009 turmoil in entertainment labor involving a strike by the Writers Guild and an extended stalemate by the Screen Actors Guild.

I am honored that Jonathan credits me in his book with the success that he has achieved as a result of that one media introduction.   But, Jonathan is a perfect example of the success that can come as a result of understanding the value of PR and capitalizing on every opportunity presented to him .  I was the driving factor for getting his blog rolling, but he was the engine that kept the PR vehicle going.   So, it was a team effort.  And, that is is what is at the core of a successful PR effort.


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Judith Gordon April 21, 2011 at 4:59 pm

Fabulous post, Cheryl. Great example of how to connect the dots to success. I’ll be sharing this. Judith

Cheryl April 21, 2011 at 5:06 pm

Thanks, Judith. I appreciate your comments. I forgot to mention the numerous speaking engagements that also resulted from his efforts.

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