False Alarm!

by Cheryl on August 10, 2011

Anyone in marketing or PR for law firms knows how to respond to emergencies such as fires, floods, tornados and even earthquakes.  The alarm goes off when you least expect it, possibly early in the morning and almost always at the end of the day, particularly Fridays.

As a former TV journalist, I am used to responding to emergenies or what that business considers to be “breaking news.”

Similar to my previous post about being patient,  I think it is important to learn how to respond to emergencies,  even if they become false alarms.

Recently,  I was asked to complete an assignment with a very short deadline when in reality I knew the timeline for the project was unnecessary or even arbitrary.  But since I have mastered my emergency prepardness training, it was no problem.

Four days later, the partner has yet to review the assignment and approve it for distribution.

I am sure this senario is familiar to many of my blog readers.   I could write about dozens of other examples, but I’d love for you to share your best false alarms and what advice you can offer about how you handled them.

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