Continuing Blogging Education (CBE)

by Cheryl on August 9, 2012

I am always open to learning how to become a better blogger.    That’s why I think someone should develop a CBE (Continuing Blogging Education) program for people who are hungry for knowledge about improving their blogging skills and expanding their readership.  Unlike, MCLE programs, which charge a lot for individual classes, bloggers can find information easily on the Internet, shared by other bloggers who also want to improve their craft.  But, I still think a formal class would be valuable.

I read a post today that was recommended by Social Media Guru Nancy Myrland, which gave me new ideas to enhance my blog and protect my content.   The ‘Eight Common Blogging Mistakes’ is a great reminder of what I may be missing each time I post.  Thanks, SpinSucks for the CBE.


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