Blogs Are Magical

by Cheryl on November 15, 2011

If you still wonder whether blogs have any value, consider yesterday’s announcement that the Walt Disney Co . acquired Babble Media Inc., an online site that features more than 200 mothers who write blogs on a variety of parents’ topics.  The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but we can assume Disney paid a lot of money to tap into an important segment in its target market.

Also this month, Tom Goldstein, founder of SCOTUSblog , and his Supreme Court-focused firm Goldstein & Russel were featured in the November print issue of InsideCounsel magazine .  The story focused on the latest cases pending before U.S. Supreme Court.  The editor knew to turn to Goldstein as a source because of his extremely informative news blog on the court. In fact, Tom is among the most heavily quoted Supreme Court observers in the press for this very reason. And, the popularity of his blog attracted Bloomberg Law as a sponsor.

While not all lawyers and firms need to have blogs — especially if the lawyers can’t commit to updating them a few times a week with relevant content — there clearly is a benefit to having them.  See the examples above.

To that point, a by Adam Stock and Adrian Dayton shows why digital marketing can be a law firm’s most cost effective marketing opportunity. Plus, there can be great PR benefits if you know how to leverage your blog’s content through direct contact with reporter or through aggregators that share your content such as, Linkedin and JDSupra.

Disney may never buy or sponsor a law firm blog, but the dream certainly is magical for those firms that have them.

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