I’ve been sitting on the  sidelines of blogs for several years, listening and responding to chatter about legal marketing, public relations and other topics that impact law firms. I’ve been contemplating writing my own blog, but followed my own advice on blogs: to wait until I was ready to participate 100%. That means posting a few times a week and offering a unique perspective  on topics that my friends and colleagues in the industry may have missed.

I’ve been a journalist, public relations professional, mentor, speaker, moderator and commentator on a variety of public relations topics. Now it’s time for me to add “blogger” to my CV.  For people who know me well, I’m not someone who usually sits on the  sidelines.  I’m a player.   I get involved.

I love interesting and thought provoking conversations about a variety of topics.  Health and Fitness are two of them.  But until I can incorporate health and fitness into legal public relations, I will hold off on writing about that for now. Until then, my goal is to provide a healthy dose of insights into public relations for law firms and the legal industry.   To Your Health and the Health of Your Firm

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